Sunday, June 18, 2017

You really have to love these people

You have to love these people. The Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government has published a notice for a tender number MICNG/HQS/1/2014-2016, valued at Ksh. 500,000 for "airlifting presidential speeches". You have to love this Government. It's 2017. 2017! And we have a Government that has an entire ministry built around information and communications technology that doesn't seem to use a lot of information or communications technology in its communications. Unless Bob Collymore and Safaricom have been lying for the past five years, there isn't a corner of official Kenya -- you know? those places where the remnants of the provincial administration hold sway -- where there isn't a lap-top-totting official of the Ministry of Interior and Safaricom bundles for reading porn. Why the hell would they still need to airlift presidential speeches to any place? You really have to love these people.

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