Thursday, May 04, 2006

Greed is Good?

Gordon Gekko! The most influential movie business figure ever. I think Dubya and Co. just love him to death. Else how do you explain their obsession with getting it right in iraq. By all accounts, there is no way they will get it right. The Iraqis have proven without doubt that western ideas of democracy are mere hyperbole. What they really want to do is slaughter each other and export this violence to parts abroad.

Greed made the Coalition of the Willing invade Iraq. Greed is keeping them there. Soon they will realise that greed is not enough. For you to succed in your greed, you shall also need intellectual fortitude and foresight. Planning and execution, especially of war, cannot be left to wannabes. That Dubya and Blair are learning this the hard way should be a lesson to all future warmongers. If it is just to punish someone for something stupid they did, then by all means go to war and withdraw immediately you win. If it is some abstract idea of 'Planting the seeds of democracy", then you are best served by suffering your pain in silence.

I love the Ayatollahs of Iran. This lot has not diluted its message in close to thirty years. That they are hated the most by the west speaks volumes of their fortitude and foresight. It is debatable whether their desire for the Bomb is wise or not. But they know they have the west by the scrotum. An invasion at this juncture is not impossible, merely difficult to conclude safely. Even the Jewish Bomb is no good. The fall out will inevitably engulf them too. They are screwed either way. Local dissidence has been ruthlessly snuffed out or pushed out. Either way, it is pretty much non-existent.

If Dubya and Teflon Tony want to make Iraq a consistent supplier for feeding their greed, they need to act as the Ayatollahs. That is what the Iraqis understand. That is what they need. That is the only thing that will work.

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