Friday, March 20, 2009

Wako and Martha: Gemini Twins

So Martha Karua and Amos Wako had a very public spat over one thing or the other. It really doesn't matter what their fight was about - what matters is that Kenyans are suddenly inundated with tales of their legal prowess. Are they really that good? I mean, what are their credentials? Mr. Wako attended some of the finest schools in Kenya and abroad. So did Ms. Karua. However, their conducts over the past five years, suggest that the best of their legal minds have been suborned for the greater political glory that accompanies their respective posts (if glory it is).

According to some (foreign) people, Mr. Wako is the embodiment of ... something or the other. What some of us know is that Amos Wako was Moi's A-G and now he is Kibaki's. He's managed to 'advise' the government every step of the way since the infamous Goldenberg whatnot came to light in the mid-90's and for the foreseeable future, shall continue to the same job. The Smiling A-G is after all a great survivor and keeper of dark secrets and he knows where ALL the bodies are buried. Ms. Karua is a different kettle of fish. Back in the day, when she and Raila saw eye to eye, she was a great believer in human rights and collective responsibility. So long as she could charge Moi with violating human rights and ask that his cabinet be equally culpable, she and Raila were team mates. Can the same claim be made in her favour today?

Sure, she wants to run for the presidency, come the next presidential elections. But will she protect us poor folk? He record in the defense of human rights has taken a serious beating. Her position on collective responsibility has become so modified as to be a brand new doctrinal position altogether. The day she resigns from cabinet and takes on the powers that be directly is the day she will become a credible presidential candidate. Until the, she is one of the boys in more ways than one.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Are you horny or desperate?

Contrary to popular opinion, the two are not the same. Horny people just want to bust a nut. Desperate people want a spouse, or a partner, at least. I just spent a week with a person who was both horny and desperate. It was not a pretty sight. This person tended to act in a manner to suggest that they needed a mental facility. Salivating all over some stranger is not good. When the stranger refuses to reciprocate your attentions, it is even worse. Where you keep doing it anyway, is the nadir of folly.

We have to decide to keep our professional and personal lives separate. Simply make a rule: anyone we encounter in our professional capacity will not become a target of our amorousness and vice versa. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and this one is no different. To exercise the option, the standard must be high, very high. You don't want to break your rules lightly, not for some skank whom you'll dump the moment you are infected by some mysterious unmentionable ailment. You gotta decide, are you horny or desperate? But damn, I hope you are not both!

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