Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Kivuitu Must Go

We all know that the 2007 Genral and Presidential elections were rigged. I had predicted as much in a previous post. What could not be anticipated was the level of bloodshed that would be unleashed once the rigging was finished. It is in this maelstrom of action that Kivuitu made a series of statements which indicated that his senility had gotten the best of him and perhaps, he ws not the best steward of our electoral process. The Hon. Mr. Justice Kriegler said the same. He literally accused Kivuitu and his team of gross incompetence and negligence in the performance of their duties. I do not disagree.

When Kivuitu admitted that he did not know who had won the presidency, it called into question why he was so hasty to declare Kibaki the winner and attend the swearing in ceremony on the lawns of State House, Nairobi. if he had been coerced, he should have come out and said it. If he was bribed ... Mr. Kivuitu proves that it is time for the old and decrepit to take their leave from running the affairs of state and allow more youthful persons (and I don't mean Rail or kalonzo-like youthful; I mean Namwamba/Kimunya youthful) to take over. Of course, the likes of Kiema Kilonzo and Ababu namwamba call into serious doubt whether the more youthful MPs currently enjoying their millions in salaries and allowances are the best sterwards.

Kivuitu exposes the lie that age and experience are always a good thing in the affairs of state. It shows how the old are slow to see the obvious and how, because of their hardwired prejudices, they will never accept that they know less than the sum-total of their lives. It does not help that the African has a tradition of revering the aged and infirm, even when senile to his very core. Traditions must change, and THAT generation must go.

Is stripping a legitimate employment activity?

Now, for those of you who have traveled the world, stripping in Kenya is a bit more dingier than the worst strip-clubs you'll find in Detroit or Birmingham. The Kenyan version is devoid of any style or class, the venues are dens of various vices and the service leaves a lot to be desired, apart from an unrequited boner!

However, the Apple Bees, Liddos and Tahitis of Nairobi are providing desperate girls with an option from the prostitution that takes place in back alleys and on the ever popular K-Street. I just wish that the proprietors of these joints took a bit of pride in the service they offered and ensured that the quality of service was a bit more ... respectable, in a manner of speaking. They have to upgrade their facilities so that the joints don't look as if the last patron in the place had relieved himself all over the walls. I like the camaraderie of some of the girls there, but I am not looking for a girlfriend or a wife, so if they were to maintain the mercenary standards for which Nairobi is famous for, then I would continue to patronise these dubious houses of sin.

Is stripping a legitimate employment activity>

Is stripping

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