Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Poverty of ideas

How did Uhuru Kenyatta know, long before the party lists were submitted to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, that the National Super Alliance's deputy president candidate was also being nominated by the alliance as a member of the Senate? The President was either lying or relying on information that was unavailable to the rest of the voting public (such as intelligence reports prepared by national security organisations like the NIS). If it is the former, you have to wonder why he would even bother of he still believed that his Jubilee Party of Kenya is going to wipe the floor with the opposition alliance. If it s the latter, why would he tip his hand this early in the official campaign period?

Of course, Kenya's "free" media has taken what the President said at face value and "analysed" the "implications" of Mr Musyoka being on the NaSA party list come the 9th August; what they haven't asked is whether the allegation is credible, to begin with, and whether the President has contributed to the cynicism with which all politicians, including those campaigning with him, are held. Kenya can no longer rely on the media to inform or educate on key political or public policy questions; it can rely on it for entertainment the media has turned many  serious matters of public policy into entertainment. The president's lying or misuse of intelligence information falls into the category of entertainment these days, thanks to the media. We are the poorer for it,

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