Friday, June 02, 2017

I just want to be entertained.

I remember when The Core came out and how scientists went about laughing at the science in the movie. I say they missed the point. The movie had a first class cast, and if anybody says that Hilary Swank's acting was wasted on the movie, then they really do not understand entertainment. It had all the hallmarks of a good film-emotion, action, a story et al.
I wrote that in 2005. I can now feel the weight of the critics' ratings with Wonder Woman. To my mind there are only two important things related with the movie: the first is that it is the first superhero film whose principal stakeholders are women. The director is a women. The leading, above-the-fold eponymous superhero is a woman. (Believe me, if DC could have found a way to turn Wonder Woman into a man, it would have.) The other important thing is that it is entertaining. The end.

Of course no one is going to let it go that easily, especially of one has an internet connection, a strong opinion and a platform to air that opinion. When a movie theatre's proprietors in Texas, USA decided to offer a women-only screening of the movie, some men went ape-shit and a few of them took to the internet to express their feelings. Suffice to say, not one of them had a coherent opinion on what mattered most: was the movie any good. But they are not the worst people ever.

Those who simply can't let the few of us connoisseurs of entertaining movies left enjoy a good movie at all. The weight of "expectations" is going to weigh on the movie like a super-wet blanket, sucking the joy out of it like air out of a vacuum. They did it to Hidden Figures and they are doing it to Wonder Woman. No one watches a movie just to be entertained anymore. All this other commentary is part of the experience.

I just want to be entertained.

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