Monday, June 26, 2017

What's with the Chapter Six zealots?

Here's a dirty little secret: the loudest voices against the candidacies of many men and women seeking elected office because of their lack of integrity or, in the parlance of the loud voices, failure to comply with Chapter Six of the Constitution, are unwilling to put their money where their mouths are. Unless, of course, they know that they can't. If they had a constitutional or statutory leg to stand on, they would, or should have, taken their constitutional displeasure to the High Court and petitioned the court to invalidate the nominations of those they believe have sullied the spirit of Chapter Six or, if events had been overtaken, to invalidate the certificates issued by the electoral commission permitting these men and women to stand for election. Okiya Omtatah has already demonstrated that the High Court isn't always deaf to the please of the righteous (or self-righteous). Why the integrity zealots have not taken up as Mr Omtatah has begs the question: are they afraid that the Chapter Six they love so much isn't what they thought it was?

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Mart said...

This politicians are all the same whether in government or opposition, anything that goes against their way is a no no. Gado once drew a cartoon with the presidency peeing on a grave inscribed chapter 6 to show how it is abused