Thursday, June 29, 2017

She just couldn't help herself

Are you more English than the Queen of England? Some of the Jubilation's most ardent supporters are more Jubilant than the party leadership -- and they are not shy about showing their loyal colours. When Raila Odinga and his new pentagon were busily making asses of themselves on TV with that embarassment they called "manifesto launch", one Jubilant couldn't help herself and live-tweeted the spectacle. For hours. She is the Jubilation's version of a fanatic. At some point, someone had better remind her, "N'interrompez jamais un ennemi qui est en train de faire une erreur." This is a cardinal rule of combat. Her fanatically over-zealous Jubilee-ness explains why her path to the National Assembly ended in disaster. She just couldn't help herself.


Mart said...

Haha, such fanatics could be told its midnight at noon and still believe.

nyatichi said...

It is one thing to be a fanatic, and the other a lunatic. there's need to draw a balance.