Thursday, June 22, 2017

So what if the general election is pushed back?

Justice, equity and fairness. Those should be the usual outcomes of the applications or rules and regulations -- laws -- or their enforcement by the police, the public prosecutor and the courts. Even the Constitution should strive for that end -- and not focus solely on the inflexible application of its rules of procedure. Look at the mess we are about to make with the 8th August general election -- because of the stupid inflexibility of the political classes and the electoral commission, all the objectives of the general election are likely to not be met: peace, justice, equity, fairness, credibility, legitimacy or accuracy. So what if the election is not held on the 8th August and is held -- for example -- on the 25th September? The sky will not fall and the only ones likely to have a problem with it are the blindly inflexible rule-followers uninterested in justice, equity or fairness but only in the "proper application and enforcement of the law."

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