Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Underwhelmed to death

There is no mystery as to why the launches of the main coalitions' manifestos were so underwhelming: they were drafted by men, for men, to be implemented by men. Not just any men, mind you, but by men of means and power, men who will never hunger or suffer privation for the rest of their lives. Men who have had the privilege of governing for dogs' years. Men who, when it comes down to it, have been at the forefront of driving the creativity, vitality and versatility of this nation into the ground. Men who will never allow women to play a leading role in defining what this nation can be. Men to who the expression "gender" always, but always, means "women". A masculine, patriarchal, sexist, misogynist manifesto will never inspire and not one that has been launched or will be launched between now and the 8th August will. Cry, my beloved country, you have nothing to lose except your soul.

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