Thursday, August 17, 2017

We won't forget

I have a question for the Jubilation. Do you think that it is normal for officers in the police forces to invade a home, viciously assault an infant (who later dies from the trauma of the assault), lie about it and get away scot-free simply because the victim is the child of a family living in a political zone that has resolutely refused to support your favorite politician? I have watched the Jubilation's semanticising the killing of a baby and I believe that millions of Kenyans are with me when I say that I am utterly disgusted by the Jubilation's verbal contortions. The Jubilation has organised its entire identity around the abnegation of basic decency, wearing the supercilious smiles of the victors whose victory came about through chicanery and strutting abroad in the land with the arrogance of the self-absorbed narcissist who doesn't give a damn about the harm -- and hurt -- he causes. One day we will speak about this and the Jubilation's hatemongers will never wash off the stench of our disapprobation. Never.

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