Thursday, August 17, 2017

Expose the charlatans

I know that my species is not held in high regard by the vast majority of the right-thinking publics but, nevertheless, despite our generally sleazy nature, many of us actually read the law and have a greater capacity to interpret, apply, implement or enforce it. Don't let the general opprobrium with which you hold the legal fraternity blind you to the fact that we were trained to practice law and those of us who attended an advocates' training programme are better prepared to litigate disputes before courts of law than even the most precocious legal dilettante. This is all to remind you that the coming electoral dispute, the petition by Raila Odinga challenging the election of Uhuru Kenyatta to a second presidential term, will not be determined by addressing the possibility of "chaos" should the Supreme Court find that the election was not credible and that its lack of credibility is founded on the electronic tampering with the Kenya Integrated Election Management System, KIEMS. The Jubilation's paid tame mouthpieces advancing this narrative do the nation a great disservice by pretending that they know and understand the law, the procedures of the Supreme Court and the factors that will influence the determination of the election petition. They will not stop, this we know, but neither should they be allowed to purvey lies and half-truths as if the same were legal insights of great import. They must be exposed for the charlatans they are -- and mercilessly mocked for their effrontery.

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