Thursday, August 10, 2017

His Migunaness lost. To Sonko. LOL

I am so happy Le Kidero has been defeated. But I am absolutely over the moon that His Migunaness has lost by a very wide margin. I never liked him at all. He was rude and condescending. His treatment of his women rivals was sexist and misogynistic. He was ungracious and mean-spirited. He used his great intellect as a cudgel to browbeat those he saw as intellectually inferior -- and unworthy -- and held his own morality as superior to everyone else. He was the only "clean" man in Kenyan politics -- after all, he wasn't in the invidiously corrupt grip of the "cartels". He was the only man who could "save" Nairobi City. He went through two running mates and campaigned on social media and TV studios, bloviating about the inherent corruption of his rivals and explaining little of his grand plans for the Capital. He has never won an election and no political party has ever dared to nominate him to stand in an election. This should have told him something even though I doubt he would have listened to himself if his conscience dared remind him that he was not perfect. Thank God he lost.

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