Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Iron Lady felled

The Iron Lady of Gichugu was among the battery of lawyers that battled Baba Moi's prosecutors and Special Branch pliers-wielders when they went hammer and tongs after Raila Odinga, George Anyona, Charles Rubia, Kenneth Matiba and Masinde Murilo in the 1990/1991. She has been a Minister for Water and a Minister for Justice. In both, only the uncharitable will claim she was anything but professional -- and effective. She has headed a political party -- Narc-K -- and campaigned for the presidency (2013) as an equal to many far lesser men. Though she will be remembered for her hard-eyed defence of Mwai Kibaki's tainted electoral victory, she wasn't the only one and, I believe, in the fullness of time, history will be kind to her for it. I am disconsolate that she has been defeated by a political parvenu whose connection to one of the biggest financial scams in recent memory has yet to be fully explained. I am utterly disconsolate.

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