Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The #CBA7 are free. Sort of. The Court of Appeal has ordered release of the leaders of the doctors' union pending the hearing of an appeal by the union against the decision of the employment court regarding the legitimacy of their strike. The politicians and their acolytes are going to have a field day with this new development. Propagandists are about to earn their shilling today.

If you really thought that the fate of the #CBA7 was not going to be "politicised", you are an idiot. It offered politicians an opportunity to paint each other in especially bad light, the Minority Coalition would say that the Majority Alliance is led by idiots while the Majority Alliance...I don't know what it thinks except it repeats "rule of law" over and over like an article of faith.

Now the Kenya Medical Doctors', Pharmacists' and Dentists' Union are players on the political field of combat. They will become cannon fodder for the insatiably egos of the political classes. They may win or they may lose; there are no guarantees when it comes to CBAs with the Government. But they will no longer be anonymous. Those cute days are long past.

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