Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Being boss is hell.

Being the boss is hard, especially when your minions are way loyal and way dumb shits at the same time. I mean, look at this BS over some dude at the coast and his three shitty guns. Like, really? Why the hell are people talking about that shit when there's important shit to be done, like finishing the SGR or giving babies laptops? You want to know why? It's because loyal dumb shits do dumb shit out of loyalty.

Being boss is way harder if many people don't really seem to think of you as the boss and you have loudmouth minions going around town telling people about your anger management issues and similar shit just to show us that you are very boss-like. It's not like with the other guy; guys had known him for the longest time and with him they knew what they were getting. Till he suffered that stroke and it all went to shit because minions with massive axes to grind and deep pockets to fill started doing seriously dumb shit. But he was an OK guy with a command of the situation that worked for him. No one ever said he had anger issues or stupid shit like that.

Being boss is the hardest when you're compared to the hardest boss that came before. Or your hardass dad. And the comparisons are done by everyone, including your friends. They start out all complimentary and shit and then say, But you know what? Your dad did this shit like a boss! What are you supposed to say after that? Thanks? Dad was the shiznit? What?! Don't these a-holes realise that they're undercutting you especially when they go telling people shit like that?

It could be worse, though. People could find out what your minions and kissasses really thought about you. You know they don't think you are all there, don't you? If they did, they'd stop doing stupid shit or saying dumb shit or being so disrespectful to you and your ish. If they really thought you were the boss, they'd stop behaving like little Mussolinis and picking fights with idiots from Mombasa or wherever. They'd definitely not pick fights in public and if they did, they'd win simply because they were better at it. Which they are not. They suck at fighting. They are like the schoolyard bully with a glass jaw against whom one punch and it's lights out.

But they think they have to "protect" you and so they do dumb shit all the time. Did you see how they freaked the hell out over that portrait bullshit? I bet you don't even know whether its a rule or a custom for your portrait to hang all over the goddamn place. And you probably don't care. But you should care some people think you need their "protection". Being boss, boss, is effing hell!

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