Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Whoever told them that they were indestructible should pay them back for all the pain they are about to undergo. Ndile was right. Uncle Moody did them a favour by installing TVs at Kamiti. Now the likes of Saitoti and his merry band of Goldenberg suspects should become very comfortable guests of the serikali. However, they shouldn't be treated the way Samuel Moroto was at Molo. They really shouldn't put them in the same cells with ordinary every-day gansters.

But seriously, Bosire should be shot. Billions lost forever is not a very comfortable statement to make. And to spend 400 billion of our tax shillings to do so is or should be crime. How can billions simply disappear? It's not as if these guys are rocket scientists. And now that Mwiraria has paved the way for himself to fall on his own sword so that Kibaki doesn't have to deal with the repercussions of stupid politicians, the KACCc should move swiftly to put the Anglo-Leasing saga to bed.

Otherwise, why the fuck is Ringera making 2 million shillings when there are billionaires in the making in government? We demand an end to this charade of one set of profiteering rober-barons telling us who's to blame for the dismal state of public finances. As far as i am concerned, all these politicians are crooks in Hugo Boss suits. The only difference between them and the highway robbers along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway, is that they have official, government-santioned gun-totting GSU bodyguards. And that shit ain't right!

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