Sunday, January 29, 2006


Regular readers will no doubt wonder whether I am off my rocking chair. The fact of the matter is, I have no love lost for Kibaki and his gang of modern-day robber-barons. But I deeply love my country and I take great exception at people putting its security at grave risk. The Kamanis and Somaiyas will eventually get what is coming to them, no matter how long it takes. However, they were merely playing true to their type. They are a greedy and money-hungry bunch that I wouldn't lose sleep over if they got ran over by the proverbial bus.
However, when it comes to Mr. Githongo, there is some part of me that wishes I could forgive him his sins. But the larger part of me simply wants to take him out back and kick the ever-living shit out of him. What he did deserves the full might of governmental retribution this side of armageddon.
Had he simply pointed out the thugs that were making money illegally, that would have been fine by me. But to point out to all our enemies that our nation is ill-defended, ill-equipped and unprepared to wage a successful military campaign, that I cannot, will not forgive. So, if Kibaki and co. go after his ass, I will cheer them on willingly and enthusiastically.
Can you imagine what would happen if the trigger-happy Sudanese were to simply march across our common border now that it emerges that the security services have been ill-equipped for decades? They may be well-trained and disciplined, but our secueirty services' calculations take into account the fact that when it comes to equipment, we are streets ahead of the neighbourhood's unstable nations. Now it emerges-all because Githongo felt cheated by the politicians whom he had volunteered to work for-that they can't call each other securely because a few Kikuyus and Indians wanted to make more money than God's accountant.
Taking Githongo to court and arraigning him on treason charges is the least we can do for this fledgling nation of ours. We can't have government servants privy to all security-related and top-secret information blabbing to the media whenever things don't go their way. Githongo must pay and if this regime doesn't make him do it, the next one must. After all, treason has no statute of limitations, does it?

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