Thursday, April 20, 2017


You know its a tough campaign when even candidates for the office of member of county assembly are getting abducted or violently assaulted by their rivals. Kenyans, as usual, have raised the stakes on high-stakes campaigning. Now, regardless of whether a candidate has any chance of victory at the hustings, tales, some very tall, are being broadcast far and wide of kidnappings, abductions and assaults of rivals. And this too at the nominations' "stage", when, presumably, the stakes are not that high. But if it is true that the Jubilee Party took in over six hundred and eighty million shillings from its own nominations, the "investment" in the nomination might just reflect the one that is likely to be made in the general election which begs the question: If they're treating the election as an investment, just what kind of return on investment are they looking at?

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