Saturday, March 25, 2017

Damn things

Yesterday, I forgot my pocketbook at home. It has been a fast-paced week and the last thing I was thinking of as I rushed off to my beloved legislative proposal was a pocketbook that is a tether that yokes me to my employer, bus conductor, food vendor and identity. Without the modern-day warriors accouterments - cash, plastic, national ID, employee ID, business card - you might as well walk around buck-naked for all your charm and snappy suit will do for you in a harsh world where you must always, ALWAYS, identify yourself and pay your way.

I have been working out of a temporary office near mine and if it wasn't for being familiar with the security staff there, I would not have made it inside. If it wasn't for the serendipitous one hundred and twenty shillings in that suit, I would have been stuck on the wrong end of a conversation with a bus conductor. The point was driven home when I it dawned on me thirty seconds after discovering an empty pocket that I couldn't draw cash from the mobile money agent because, you guessed it, I couldn't identify myself. Same thing with the bank; without the ID, there was no way I could draw cash from my bank account without my ATM card.

Lesson learned: always keep your pocketbook on your person at all times. Or, at least, keep ready cash and an ID on your person at all times. In the alternative, never leave home without the damn things!

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