Thursday, October 13, 2016

The US was never great

Donald J Trump wants to Make America Great Again (#MAGA) and, in his and his supporters' minds, America was great when Blacks were subjected to the most humiliating rules designed to subjugate their bodies, minds and spirits. In Mr Trump, racists and racialists, sexists and misogynists, have a hero they can be proud of. In Mr Trump, I am shocked to say, some Blacks have a "conservative" hero they can be proud of. You would be shocked too to discover that Kenya also has Blacks who think that Donald J Trump is a man to emulate.

There is a section of Kenyan Blacks who see themselves as greater than their sisters and brothers, superior in the mould of the British settler and colonialist. Some are wealthy, their wealth having been earned Quisling-like in the sixty odd years that the Union Jack flew over the Kenya Colony and the Kenya Protectorate along the Ten-Mile Coastal Strip. Some became wealthy from their proximity to the government, whether the colonial one or the post-colonial ones. Some have become wealthy from corrupt dealings with and facilitated by officers of the Government. Their wealth has persuaded them that they are superior breeds, and their superiority, in their minds, equates them to the odious Donald J Trump.

White Kenyans have always believed that they were a superior breed. The ones whose ancestors settled this country and who continue to own property in this country believe that without them or the sacrifices of their forebears, Kenyans would still be living in bushes, eating god-knows-what, uncivilised, unlettered, backward, barbaric. The are irredeemable. But Black Kenyans who espouse the same philosophy, the same ethos, should shock us. Yet it doesn't. Because some of us aspire to the same attitudes that great Kenyan wealth seems to imbue the wealthy.

It is time to remind them that the Unites States of America, so long as it subjugated its Blacks and the Native Americans, so long as it continued to unleash death and destruction in the name of anti-communism, freedom and democracy, so long as it poisoned its waters and air with chemical and radiological weapons, and so long as it continued to treat women and women's bodies as playgrounds for the moral majority, was never great. It was small. Small-minded and petty. It might have been incredibly wealth, but as 2007/2008 demonstrated when the global economy seized up, banks failed, and US homes got repossessed by mortgage companies, US wealth is built on an incredible lie, that one can postpone the settlement of his debts in perpetuity.

In the spawning of the desecrable Donald J Trump, the scales have fallen off the world's eyes and the truth has been revealed: the United States is not great and it never was. The United States is a racist, racialist, misogynist, sexist, war-mongering, war-profiteering, conman. Any Black Kenyan who wants to be Donald J Trump is a racist, racialist, misogynist, sexist, war-mongering, war-profiteering, conman who hates himself as much as he hates his fellow Blacks.

Donald J Trump is not a buffoon as many of us wish he was. He is a warning. If we don't heed it, Kenya is doomed.

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