Monday, August 01, 2016

Tulikosea Mungu wapi?

1,300km of rds have bn repaired, 6 bridges built, 2,000km of drains maintained & 25,000 new street lights installed.Evans Kidero
By now, unless you have had a long exoplanet sojourn, you are painfully aware of the failings and failures of our Governor and if you are not, perhaps this video will give you a taste of the thing of it. Now, to be fair, the video doesn't purport to blame the governor for the utter decrepitude of the city; but it is what he is doing about it that should give us all pause whenever he retweets something being peddled by that rag, the Star.

What the governor has done is to waste our time and finances. By "our", of course, I mean the long-suffering residents of our fair city. Nairobi did not need "benchmarking" trips to Guangzou or Franfurt; Francis Gichaga, the former vice chancellor of the University of Nairobi, will tell anyone that cares to listen that Nairobi's masterplans have always been the masterplans others based their masterplans on. Just ask the beancounters of Singapore. Others come to us for benchmarking.

Valuable time was wasted as the governor and the County Assembly flexed their muscles, as the governor and the city's senator flexed their muscles, and the as the governor and the city's woman representative...I don't even know what that was between the two of them. There are dozens of photo ops by the governor and his acolytes at various sites of gubernatorial quasi-action at which even more promises than were made during the campaign have been made.

What we have observed, now that Esther Passaris's Adopt-a-Light met an oncoming train while searching for a light at the end of its political tunnel, are instance after instance after instance of a paucity of fresh ideas it almost begs the question, how did this man win an election? These past three years have been a disappointment on a scale that not even the Nairobi City Commission ever engendered. I wonder where those one thousand and three hundred kilometres of roads are to be found and if they include the newly-potholed Argwings Kodhek Road. I wonder if the 25,000 new street lights include the ones along Mumias South Road that are almost always even spaced between lit ones and dead-as-a-dodo ones.

Nairobi under Mr Kidero is now almost as renown as Beirut when it comes to the scale of its rubbish problem, except Beirut actually collects its trash and dumps it at the beach. Nairobi even can't be bothered to collect the trash most days. Then comes its remarkable predatory hostility of itinerant traders aka hawkers by the City's inspectorate department that has led to dozens upon dozens of criminal assaults, trespasses against the person, destruction of private property, unlawful detainment of private property (we call that theft) and even murder. Yet somehow, despite Beirut being a war zone, there are those who would still prefer Beirut to Nairobi. Because of Mr Kidero. And he thinks that retweeting the Star is a good thing. Tulikosea Mungu wapi?

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