Friday, April 01, 2016

The Minority Party is a national embarassment

Some of the stupidest people in Kenya are elected representatives. They are not stupid in the sense that they are incapable of memorising a set of facts and recall them for the benefit of an examinations' certificate; indeed, many elected representatives are elected representatives because of their innate capacity to memorise and to recall facts. No, they are some of the stupidest Kenyans because they are incapable of contextualising their acts, acting only in their basest and most selfish interests.

Few members of the Eleventh Parliament's Minority Party have warm political thoughts for the President of Kenya. The memory of their March 5th 2013 rout at the hands of the Majority Party still stings. The largest opposition party in Parliament feels this sting more than the rest of the Minority Party, and its members never miss an opportunity to remind us that it lost in 2013. The 2016 State of the Nation Address by the President of Kenya before a Joint Sitting of the two Houses of Parliament on March 31st 2016, presented the Orange Democratic Movement parliamentary party with an opportunity to show their feelings for the President like never before.

President Kenyatta has many flaws, and some will haunt his presidency for the rest of his term, or terms if he gets re-elected, but he has managed to get his impetuous temper under control. During his State of the Nation Address he witnessed first hand a child's tantrum by adults Who Should Know Better. Elected representatives of the ODM, having met as a parliamentary party and having decided on a course of action, purchased whistles with which they attempted to prevent the President from reading his State of the Nation speech.
Of course the Constitution guarantee's everyone's right, including the elected representatives' right, to picket the Government. Just because you enjoy a right doesn't always mean you must exercise your right. It certainly doesn't mean that you should exercise that right in futility. What the idiot members of the National Assembly attempted was bound to be of no effect and to paint not just themselves in a poor light, but also their voters. No Kenyan elected his member of Parliament to behave like an ass. (And that idiot who refused to stand in honour of soldiers and policemen who have died in the line of duty should never show his face in decent company ever again. What he did was low and low class and he should be ashamed of himself.)

Kenyans have been fed the lie that the Minority Party is a government-in-waiting. I think it is time we put that lie to bed. The Minority Party is not a government-in-waiting. It is, instead, a perverted and ravenous mob of hyenas intent on gorging itself at the public trough. The interests of the people who elected the Minority Party might as well be the wishes of four-year olds for ponies and pink unicorns! What the Minority Party demonstrated at the President's State of the Nation address is that it is not animated with the desire to make Kenya better; it exists solely to behave like an indisciplined child. It is now a national embarassment. 
When Kenyans are called upon to elect their next government, and if Kenyans are disappointed with the Jubilee administration, they should not make the mistake of placing the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy in power. The alternative that the people might look for instead of the Jubilee administration will not be found in the Minority Party. On March 31st, this fact was made plain.

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