Monday, October 27, 2014

You don't have the balls.

By your pretty limited standards, we are poor. By your even more limited standards, we are unlettered. By your criminally ahistorical standards, we are uncivilised. And that is why you have decided to enslave us by guile. You don't even have the balls of your forebears to come and steal us away by force from our own land, you have to use subterfuge, deceit, lies and trickery. You do not have the ocean-crossing balls of the slavers of the pre-colonial Africa. You are pygmies in a land of giants thinking that your money is the ticket to legendary achievement.

We have witnessed the lengths you will go to in order to hide your inhumanity. You have murdered. You have bribed. You have intimidated even governments. You have managed to keep out of official documents your records as enslavers. You have succeeded in ensuring that world powers will continue to turn a blind eye to a practice that is as abhorrent as the cultures you claim to be superior. But in an interconnected world, with the tools of communication at even a slave's fingertips, do you imagine that we do not know? Do you imagine that we are blind to the plight of our fellowman? Do you imagine we will not expose the vacuity of the cultural vacuum your entire lives are?

My government has proven to have a knack for doing the wrong thing and doing it with gusto. The man in charge of vetting - what a stupid idea - the companies that arrange for slaves to be shipped off to the unforgiving sands of your camel-infested state, has done a piss-poor job of vetting, if he even attempted it at all. And so, like a metronome, every month there is a "shocking" video on YouTube in which a woman - it is always a woman - weeps piteously and begs someone, anyone to rescue her from her slave-owner. Our man, or one of his colleagues, promises to do something. And promptly forgets his promise. Until the next slave posts the next video on YouTube.

Meanwhile your government, when it deigns to speak, denies, denies, denies, that any of its subjects is a slave-owner, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Human rights organisations that are reviled by your government as they are feared by mine have documented the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, and Nepalis sweating, bleeding and dying to build your stadia, skyscrapers and highways to nowhere. It is only a matter of time that the slavery of the hundreds of thousands of women from my part of this continent begins to be documented and published. But we know you will feel no shame. You will feel no remorse. You will merely offer us money because you already know that our souls can be bought.

We defeated the slavers of the eighteenth century. We defeated the colonists of the twentieth century. We will defeat modern day slavers and colonists, which you most definitely are. We will beat you because we are richer, more educated, more cultured and more civilised than you will ever be. Our wealth is not denominated in dollars like yours is; it is denominated in that free-spirited love of life that years in the dessert has scorched out of your souls. We are better educated because even with the corrosive influences of the pale faces from the intemperate north, we have not forgotten essential truths about ourselves, where we came from or who we are. Our culture is our civilisation and it is not obsessed with the sexual enslavement of our women whom we revere, despite the pervasive, pernicious influences sponsored by your and your northern friends. We will prevail and there is nothing you can do about it. That scares you, doesn't it?

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