Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yes:1, No: 0

Did anybody see the ass-whupping Ruto received at the hand of one Martha Karua on Newsnight tonight? Man, the guy got beat. It was almost too painful to watch. Shoulders were slumped, he was hunched over his seat, legs crossed at the ankles like a school-boy in the Principal's office and his eyes couldn't focus. With his hands clutching and un-clutching in nervously in his laps, he was a shell of a broken man.

He had taken his 'No' campaign to the KTN studios unprepared and arrogant. Hon. Karua took a scalpel to his arguments and pointed out some home-truths he would have preferred remained buried for life. This should be a lesson to the nay-sayers out there: you take on the 'Yes' campaign at your own peril; if you must, you must prepare and prepare well. I just wish I had remembered to record the encounter. Ruto's battered ego on TV is worth the bank!

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