Thursday, May 14, 2009

The wheel of justice grinds slowly ...

... but it grinds true! Thomas Gilbert Patrick Cholmondoley has been handed a sentence of eight, yes eight, months for the manslaughter of 'stone-mason' Timothy Njoya. Let me not join the band-wagon that will lampoon Justice Muga Apondi's sentence. After all, the accused had been accosted by armed poachers on his expansive ranch. Sure, he has a penchant for shooting 'innocent' people on his property, but the sanctity of private property cannot be violated willy nilly simply because the land-owner is a rich man.
This has been an interesting trial. Taking the better part of 3 years, it has exposed the challenges faced by those who cannot rub two shillings together. The Delamere descendant is a land-baron in all but name. His wealth in capital is almost Croesus-like. He is able to afford the best and in Fred Ojiambo, he found an advocate who clearly earned his brief. He has the choice of appealing the sentence but he would be wise not to. It has nothing to do with his pursuit of justice. He should simply thank whichever god he prays to that he was not convicted of murder, else he would be facing the hang-man's noose today. He is a lucky, lucky fellow and he should serve his term in peace and pray that no more misfortunes follow him.

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